Our Business

Manakau provides bespoke solutions to the most challenging problems in financial analysis.

We combine deep understanding of current software tools, systems, and techniques; long-term and immersed understanding of the financial industry, including the most difficult and complex analytical problems; and an absolute commitment to fully understanding the highly complex needs of our clients.

Expertise for the Finance Industry

Manakau is focused directly on the finance industry. Knowledge of our client’s specific business, financial and mathematical models, technologies to create compelling user experiences and state-of-the-art infrastructure is not enough: solutions that excel come only from combining all four:

  • Financial Services

    Asset management
    Risk management
    Data analytics
    Investment analysis
    Asset pricing & scenario analysis
    Process automation

  • Advanced Models

    Quantitative finance
    Statistical analysis
    Data science
    Machine learning
    Monte-Carlo simulations
    Custom payoff languages
    Risk optimization

  • Modern User Experience

    Modern web user interfaces
    Interactive data visualizations
    Integrated desktop management
    Real-time data and calculations
    Versatile APIs
    Excel & BI tool integration

  • High Performance Infrastructure

    Cloud servers & serverless
    Automated infrastructure
    Automated testing
    Task orchestration
    Performance optimization

A History of Delivering Solutions

The financial industry involves myriad challenges: deep underlying complexity, ever-evolving requirements, a profusion of data, critical "legacy" systems, relentless urgency, and an absolute requirement for accuracy. Manakau professionals have delivered solutions in this demanding and complex area many times before.

Some examples:

  • Securitization structuring and analysis

    At a top-tier bank, the developed platform enabled all the MBS and ABS transactions to be structured and analyzed, encompassing a wide (and continually expanding) variety of collateral types. The platform featured a sophisticated proprietary language which modeled the waterfall of payments in securitizations.

  • Valuation and risk analysis for structured credit trading

    Led the financial engineering initiative supporting structured credit trading at a top-tier bank, with team embedded on the trading desk. Created and implemented a wide variety of quantitative models and analysis tools to facilitate day-to-day trading decisions and risk management.

  • Automated trading for equity options

    Enabled a New York hedge fund to trade electronically as a market maker across multiple exchanges. The software effected automated trading decisions, with real-time risk management and hedging, and could run completely unsupervised.

  • Optimization of capital requirements for IR derivatives

    Automated “compression” of large books of IR derivatives by finding optimized equivalent positions between counterparties, preserving risk profile (within tolerances) and minimizing capital requirements.

  • Valuation and analysis of aviation investments

    Developed platform allowing quantitative decision-making and data management through the full life-cycle of aviation investments. The platform included sophisticated models for aircraft maintenance, financing structures and a wide variety of lease transactions; and sophisticated scenario analysis across an extraordinary variety of operational, market and transactional risk factors.

  • Large scale analysis for securitized products and wealth management

    Levered large scale grid computing (100,000+ nodes) and complex models to enable on-demand analysis and decision-making on trading desks, and meet ongoing risk management demands from regulators, for mortgage and tailored lending products.

Co-Development or Complete Solutions

Manakau’s role is to meet your needs, which ordinarily means two approaches to the working relationship:

Expanding Your Team

Manakau collaborates with existing software engineers, analytics experts, product managers, product designers, and other resources already within your organization. We become part of a hybrid team tailored to your requirements, providing top calibre engineers, quantitative analysts and project/product delivery experts to expand your existing capabilities and capacity.

Complete Solutions

Manakau works with your organization to identify, specify, develop, test, and deliver complete bespoke solutions, taking final responsibility for delivering a solution in fully tested, efficiently functioning form.